Asking These Important Questions Before Hiring Local Plumbers

When you are dealing with an unexpected plumbing emergency, you want the job to get done as soon as possible. Hiring local plumbing contractors is more than just about asking for an estimate. Eventually, you need a service that can offer affordable repair and fixtures and is reliable for emergencies. For comparing local plumbers in your area, here are some important questions worth asking.

  • Are you licensed and have necessary permissions? Plumbing companies must have licenses and permits to take up residential and commercial contracts. Some plumbing services work in residential sector only, but even then, they must have their license. Also, check if the company has a physical office.
  • Are you insured? There are two kinds of insurance that we are talking about – general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. The latter ensures that if there is any accident or mishap at the job, the medical bills and other costs don’t become your implied liability. General liability insurance covers for any damage that may have occurred when the plumbing work was being done, subject to terms & conditions.
  • Can you offer client references? If a local plumbing service claims to have been around for a long time, they will be happy to offer local references. Also, you can check for reviews independently on Google to know if the company is worth your time, and if they have credible reputation in the market.
  • Do you have in-house local professionals? You will be rather surprised to know that many companies actually do not have their own team of plumbing experts. They often hire plumbers as and when they get a contract. Make sure that the concerned plumbing contractor has a team that’s insured, trained and bonded.
  • What is your typical response time? Some plumbing services do have a 24×7 hotline number, and they are quite reliable for emergency needs. However, as in any industry, no two companies work in the same way, and the response time is something that matters for repairing plumbing issues. Make sure that you ask about the standard response time, and if the company offers same-day services.
  • What services do you offer? Besides fixing basic plumbing leaks and repairs, many companies also deal in repairs, installation and replacements of water heaters, fixing clogged toilets, and remodeling services. Look for a contractor who can handle everything as and when you need help.
  • Do you offer service warranties? For selected repairs and jobs, you can expect service warranty, especially when they are replacing a part, or doing extensive remodeling and repair jobs. Ensure that you have these promises on paper, as a part of the plumbing contract.

Finally, do check if the company has extra charges for same-day and emergency services. Also, the process they offer to give an estimate is something worth considering. Always ensure that you select a company that is available, experienced, reliable, and can be trusted for their team of plumbers. If that means spending a tad more, that price is always worth paying for.