Architects; What Are The Duties Of An Architect?

Who are architects?

An architect is responsible for the planning and designing of a building. An architect has expertise and knowledge in the field of construction and designing work. In addition, architects are licensed and carry a valid degree in the field of architecture study. This is necessary to ensure the safety of buildings or any other construction work and the occupants/people.

What does an architect do?

  • Meet the client to understand the requirements of the building and plan the structure accordingly. Taking all the briefs and jotting everything. Making the blueprint with necessary changes keeping the requirements in mind.
  • Not exceeding the budget and compiling resources is a minimal amount as per usage.
  • Coordinating, cooperating and directing other construction professionals involved in the project.

An architect has very bright present and future working conditions as all the huge buildings, malls, resorts, hotels etc., need proper construction and structure work. These buildings are huge and posh. They may need a very good time and money investment. For coming under the category of reputed architectures, one must hold a degree and strong portfolio in the field. This ensures trust, safety and professionalism between the client and the architect.