All Homeowners Must Know About Low Sloped Roofs

If you are redoing your house, or building a new home, you should consider as many ideas as possible, for every section of the house. For the roofing, low sloped roof can be an option. For the unversed, low sloped roofs have a slope of ‘3-in-12 or less’. In simpler words, this type of roofs looks almost flat from a distance. In this post, we are discussing the basics, including roofing material for a low pitch roof.

Things worth mentioning

Today, you may not find many contemporary houses with low pitch roofs, but this was almost a standard idea some decades back. The biggest concern with this kind of roofing is related to drainage. In case of standard sloped roofs, the water naturally flows down and goes to the drain, without any issues with damages to walls and roof. However, in case of low pitch roofs, damage caused by moisture must be taken into account. There are also a few advantages of low pitch roofs that are worth knowing. For instance, low pitch roofs are cheaper alternative to others, and benefits include energy efficiency.

What roofing material to consider?

With low pitch roofs, you cannot go with the standard choice of shingles. The roofing design is such that water remains on the shingles for a much longer period, which can cause damage. Roofing companies usually recommend different options for such low pitch roofs, including modified bitumen roofing and single ply roofing. Built-up roofing is also a great choice, as this kind of material has many layers, which prevent moisture damage.

Call a roofing contractor

If you find the idea of low sloped roofs interesting enough for your home, we strongly suggest that you find a good roofing contractor first. Make sure that the concerned service has experience with low sloped roofs, and do ask them for recommendations, depending on the scope, budget, and expectations of the project. You may also consider getting an estimate for different kinds of roofing, and based on the costing and estimate, you can take a call if low sloped roof is the ideal pick for your new home.

Final word

There are always a few pros and cons of different types of roofing. Don’t shy away from asking the right questions when you look for contractors, so that you can evaluate all the options carefully. Shortlist a few contractors now to discuss low sloped roofs in depth.