A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Best Commercial Flooring

Running or owning a business comes with countless decisions. Some of those decisions you expect, like hiring new employees or deciding on brand colors. Yet, some decisions take business owners off-guard.

For example, you probably didn’t give much consideration to the issue of commercial flooring before you launched your business. Yet, it’s a decision you’ll face every time you remodel an existing commercial space or move into a new one.

If you’re coming up on a flooring decision soon for your commercial space, check out this guide on choosing the best commercial flooring options for your business.


One of the first big factors you must keep in mind is how much foot traffic you can expect. If you’re opening a retail space in a busy urban area, you’ll see a lot of foot traffic. If you’re opening a one-person accounting firm in a rural area, your total foot traffic will prove much lighter.

Businesses with high foot traffic typically need highly durable commercial flooring materials, like linoleum or polished concrete. These materials hold up well to foot traffic.


Another factor you must keep in mind is the overall kind and level of maintenance involved. Let’s say you open a law office.

Most of the maintenance for your flooring will involve sweeping or vacuuming because people will only carry in whatever dust or dirt is on the ground outside. You might need periodic deep carpet cleaning or refinishing, but your options are open.

You can typically go with anything from tiles to hardwood or deep pile carpet, depending on your own preferences. If you own a garage, you’ll need flooring that can stand up to the powerful solvents needed to deal with grease and oil.

Visual Appeal

For some businesses, the visual appeal of the flooring matters more than others. A high-powered real estate investment firm or a luxury jewelry store can’t get away with linoleum tile most of the time because it doesn’t project the right image.

In those cases, you might well want hardwood flooring because you can pick between grain variations.


You must also factor in whether you can find a good commercial flooring service for installation. If you go with a material option like hardwood, you can find a commercial flooring company almost anywhere. What if you pick a less common option, like marble flooring?

While beautiful, most installation services don’t have much experience with installing marble tiles. The stone is comparatively soft, which means it requires special handling. Make sure you can find an installer with experience before you invest in the flooring.

Commercial Flooring and You

Picking the right commercial flooring option for your business takes more than picking something that catches your eye online or in a catalog. Your flooring must do multiple things for you.

It must meet the durability demands of your business. It must project the right image for your industry. You also need an option that you can find an installer for, which may mean giving up on that specialty flooring.

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