8 Safety Tips For Your Home While On Vacation

In December and January, most people take the opportunity to vacation, especially those with children who are still in school. And this is the time when many homeowners are left alone for long periods. During this same period, problems such as electrical damage, flooding, and, unfortunately, break-ins occur. Many people travel, mainly decreasing the movement in residential neighborhoods and residential streets.

But you can take some basic precautions to avoid possible problems during your vacation. Check out simple tips from our website below that can help protect your property.

1 – Don’t Say When You’re Going To Travel

Do not spread the news of your well-deserved trip in the neighborhood. Keep this information secret. Look for at least two trusted neighbors and communicate the departure and return date. Ask them to listen for strange noises and if any unfamiliar vehicles are parked in front of your driveway. In these cases, the orientation is to call the military police, through phone 190, for investigation.

2 – United Neighbours

Check if there is private security in your neighborhood. This service has been widely used today and has proved to be a great partner in terms of security. Usually, these companies form groups in applications so that all residents contribute by disclosing or becoming aware of the presence of strangers in the neighborhood. Another thing that helps a lot is the street WhatsApp groups. Someone could warn the other residents whenever a car or strange people is walking around. This helps to deter petty theft.

3 – Automatic Light

Purchasing the electronic equipment that keeps your front lights on at night and off during the day is simple, inexpensive, and efficient.

4 – Take Care Of Your Garden

Avoid leaving your garden looking abandoned. Hire a trusted gardener to prune the plants or mow the lawn. If so, ask a relative to supervise the service. Ask them to pick up the newspaper as well.

5 – Watch Dog

Do not trust that a dog may have the power to prevent or prevent criminal invasion. Only dogs trained for this purpose can help defend their heritage. The breeds considered guard dogs are: German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Bullmastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Great Dane, Boxer, Cane Corso, and Dogo Argentino.

6 – Alarms

Install a home alarm. Its function is to identify the intrusion of strangers inside your property and sound a loud siren. The accident signal can be sent to a specialized security company, which will immediately call the police.

7 – Turn Off The Bell

Turn off the bell. One of the thieves’ tactics to see if residents are in the house is to press the intercom. If no one answers, they know they have time to act. Therefore, the best thing to do is keep it off during long absences, as in doubt, they will hardly risk it. Getting experts security system like Dealership Security Solutions Installation for example is greatly advised.