6 Most Useful Tools to Have for Big DIY Projects

What are the essential things you should have on hand when undertaking big DIY projects at home? Check out this list of useful tools to find out.

Move over, contractors. Homeowners are strapping on their toolbelts and tackling home projects on their own.

Nearly 75% of homeowners believe they can perform their own home renovations. DIY videos on YouTube make easy (or, at the very least, easier) work of many home projects.

There are several essential tools that you’ll need. Whether you’re building a headboard or taking on DIY engineering projects, a well-stocked toolkit will see you through.

Keep reading to find the most useful tools for jobs around the home.

  1. Hammer

No toolbox is complete without a hammer. These tools are necessary for both driving in and removing nails.

Look for one that’s comfortable to grip. We recommend getting a hammer with a metal handle for ultimate durability.

  1. Tape Measure

Accurate measurements are essential regardless of what you’re building. A hardy tape measure will see you through all of your home jobs.

You can find these at your local dollar store. Budget tape measures are often much shorter in length, though. If you’ll only be tackling a small project, you may not need to spend more than a dollar or two.

Spend the extra $10-$15 for a 25-foot tape if you’ll be doing bigger projects.

  1. Screwdriver Set

Many things around your home are held together with screws. If you’ll be doing any handiwork around the home, you’ll need a solid screwdriver to assist you.

We recommend purchasing a set so you’ll have all the bits and sockets you’ll ever need. If you’re on a budget, find a multi-bit screwdriver. It’ll cost around $5 and will have most of the bits you need for basic jobs.

  1. Drill

No home tool kit is complete without an electric drill. They are one of the must-have tools for any handyman or woman. Drills are two tools in one – a drill and a power driver.

Use the drill bits to make pilot holes. Switch to a screwdriver bit to make fast work of any screwing jobs.

We recommend a cordless drill for most projects. They’re easy to tote around and you won’t get tangled up by cords.

  1. Electric Sander

If you’ll be working with wood, you’ll need either sandpaper or an electric sander. Sanding by hand is a tedious process, so we recommend investing in an electric sander instead.

You might even be able to find a sander attachment for your electric drill.

  1. Cleaning Accessories

DIY projects can get very messy, very fast. You’ll need a few helpful tools and resources to keep the mess under control.

We recommend investing in a wet-dry vacuum to help combat any messes. They can pick up just about anything, including spills.

A set of shop towels is invaluable to your garage, too.

If you’re tackling huge projects, though, you may need some outside help. Especially if you’re remodeling your home, a same-day rubbish removal company a worthwhile investment. They’ll take your old furniture and fixtures so you won’t have to worry about it.

Fill Your Toolbox With Useful Tools

If you’re anything like 57% of homeowners, you consider your home a work in progress. To save money on expensive contractors,  teach yourself how to take care of your home renovations. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel will be unbeatable.

Check out our Remodeling section for inspiration. You’ll be set to tackle any task with the useful tools we’ve suggested.