5 Surprising Uses for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass or artificial turf is often associated with turf fields or corporate buildings. It lasts up to 25 years with little to no maintenance, saving water, time, and money.

But there are many different uses for artificial grass or turf outside of creating an artificial lawn.

Read for more ways to incorporate artificial grass in your home. 

  1. Carpeting 

Using artificial grass as a carpet can keep that outdoors look and feel throughout your home. You can also place it in the trunk of your vehicle to protect it from dog hair, mud, sand, and more.

  • Add artificial grass right inside the door or in a mudroom
  • Cut the grass into floor mats for your car
  • Use your artificial grass on a patio or balcony

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  1. Welcome Mat 

Make this DIY home edit into a fun activity and create a welcome mat. Using some stencils and permanent paint, customize your mat to make it unique and functional.

The artificial grass can also turn into placemats for outdoor or indoor dining. Cut an 18×14-inch rectangle and you’re set.

  1. Outdoor Decorations 

Add a unique element to your tableware with leftover or extra fake grass. The extra strips can be made into coasters, serving trays, and much more.

To make a coaster, you’ll need a mason jar top, scissors, and super glue.

Cut the artificial grass into a shape small enough to fit in the mason jar lid and then superglue them together.

To make a tray you’ll need a serving tray, super glue, and your artificial grass. Cut the grass into the shape of the serving tray, super glue it, and you’re good to go.

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  1. Back Drops

Hosting an event? Glue or pin your fake grass to a poster board the size of your choosing, and then decorate it based on a theme of your choosing. Add some artificial flowers, and you’ll have the perfect backdrop for photos.

Take it a step further and add fairy lights to your grass backdrop. Another option is to zip-tie a neon light sign to your backdrop.

  1. Disguising Outdoor Storage 

Have garbage cans you want to hide but can’t keep inside? Create a wall with fake grass. This creates organization and is pleasing.

Depending on where you store your garbage cans, you’ll need a fence with a gate, zip ties, and artificial grass.

Set up the fence around your garbage cans and then tie the grass to it. If you move, take it down, leaving the grass on the fence ready to set up at your next home.

Interested in Artificial Grass? 

With naturalism as a rising trend and environmental concerns increasing, artificial grass is a great option. Whether it’s for your lawn, decoration, patio, or mudroom, artificial grass is the perfect addition to your home decor.

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