5 Signs Your Plumbing Problems Need a Plumber

The difference between a good day and a bad can rest on the answer to one, simple question: can you flush your toilet with confidence?

If you just answered no, you’re not having a good day. Furthermore, you have plumbing problems, and it may be time to call a plumber.

If you’re the ultimate DIY pro, you will avoid calling a plumber at all costs. After all, you’re an expert. You don’t need someone telling you what you did wrong, and maybe you’ll save some money.

You’re wrong.

There are some problems that only a professional licensed and bonded plumber can solve. Keep reading to learn the five problems you should let a pro handle.

Nagging, Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet does not sound like an immediate, plumbing emergency. However, when you let a faucet go and don’t address it, you will end up paying for thousands of gallons of water.

Water experts estimate that you will lose nearly 3 gallons a day or over 1,000 gallons a day when you have three faucets dripping at a rate of 10 drips per minute.

When you let that drip go, you end up losing money and wasting water. Plus, you lose sleep with that sound of constant dripping.

Faucets have washers at their base, and the washers wear down. A plumber will replace the washer, and you’ll find yourself drip-free.

Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure indicates a problem beyond the faucet. You could have a partial blockage in the pipe preventing water from reaching the shower or faucet.

If you fail to address this problem, you could find yourself with leaking pipes and water in areas not designed for extra moisture. Mold can accumulate, and illness will follow, all because you did not address the low water pressure.

Do not attempt to find the clog on your own. A plumber will be able to find the clog much more quickly. They know what they’re looking for.

Look for local plumbers near me on your yellow pages or online. Local plumbers will understand how to work with plumbing in local homes. So if you have plumbing problems in old homes, then your plumber will know what to do.

Suspicious Walls

When stains begin seeping through your walls, you have a plumbing problem. Stains indicate that mold has taken over the inside part of the wall and is spreading quickly.

You may actually smell the problem before you see it. Stains have smells that make dwelling in a residence difficult. Call in a plumber for a consult.

The plumber will know if it’s safe for you to continue to stay in the house and if you need a mold remediation expert.

Toilet and Drain Line Problems

If you’re having problems with drainage in your home, call a plumber. Here are a few ways you’ll see problems with draining:

  • The shower holds water because of a slow drain
  • Toilet won’t flush strongly
  • The dishwasher won’t drain but fills up your sink instead

All of these indicate a problem with your drain pipes. A plumber will know where to look for the clog and will clean out the pipes They will typically use a snake of some kind with an auger at the end that can break up a blockage.

Sometimes you will have compromised drain pipes. Soil shifts and pipes don’t shift with it. They can break and take on soil and debris.

Your plumber will be able to diagnose and solve this problem. It’s way too big for the average Joe to handle.


You should never hear gurgling from your toilet or sink drains. If you do, you have a major plumbing problem that needs a plumber’s attention

Gurgling will accompany the same drainage signs mentioned above. However, as your drain attempts to drain, it will also make a disturbing gurgling noise.

Slow, gurgling drains indicate a flow problem, be it water flow or air flow. If your plumbing drain vent is clogged, then the lack of venting will cause atmospheric disturbances in the pipes. You will end up with a gurgle.

Clogged sewer vents stem from a variety of causes. You could have a clog near the top of the vent, and this would prevent air from coming in properly.

You could also have a debris buildup around the top of the vent. Your vent is often on your roof. Leaves and other debris can fall in and cause a problematic clog.

If you’re experiencing a gurgling sound in the dead of winter, check your vent pipe. You could have snow covering it or it could be iced over. In this case, you need to call a plumber immediately.

A clogged sewer vent will cause sewer gas to seep back into your home. You run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect a blockage in the sewer vent, vacate the house until an expert can assess the situation and clear the vent.

Pros Fix Plumbing Problems

There’s great value in being a do-it-yourself expert. You have the pride of caring for your own home. You save money and time, and you know how your home is working.

However, there’s a time and place for calling in an expert. If you’re experiencing any one of these plumbing problems above, give the pro a call. You will rest easier knowing you can flush your toilet with confidence.

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