5 Reasons To Buy an Automatic Backup Generator

Did you know US utility customers experienced 1.33 billion power outage hours in 2020? Perhaps you were one of the households that lost electricity when you were in the middle of something important, or maybe you were left in the dark while system repairs were ongoing?

When you suffer a power outage, you’ll likely search for an alternative supply source such as a portable generator or candles and matches. But, using an automatic backup generator can be much more beneficial and make it easier to carry on with your household activities until the mains supply is working again.

Let’s dive in and find out about five excellent reasons to use an automatic backup generator.

1. Instant Power Outage Detection

Modern automatic backup generators can detect when the mains supply stops, and they then provide electricity in a matter of seconds. There is no need to flick a switch or go anywhere near your backup system, as this all happens instantaneously.

2. Powerful Performance

You can run your household appliances as normal when using a backup generator. The powerful machinery supplies enough electricity for you to carry on as if a power cut had never happened. This can be particularly important when the mains supply cuts off when it’s dark outside, and you need to find your way safely around your house.

3. No Need for Refuelling

As automatic backup generators connect directly to your natural gas lines, there is no need to top up your appliance with extra fuel. This feature means you will not run out of gas during the power cut, and you don’t have to store cans of fuel for use in an emergency.

4. Minimizes Loss and Damage

You may not be at home when there is a mains supply issue, and if you do not have a backup generator, you could arrive home to find food in your fridge and freezer have gone bad. Your home security systems could also crash if they need a power source. But, you can have peace of mind that your automatic generator will prevent these issues from occurring even if you are on vacation.

5. Convenient Permanent Installation

An automatic backup generator is permanently installed outside your home, so you won’t have to look for a portable alternative if there is a power cut. You can learn more about the advantages of these incredible appliances before determining if placing a generator on your property could be helpful.

Decide If Your Home Needs An Automatic Backup Generator

Having an automatic backup generator can provide you with peace of mind that you’ll always have power, even in extreme weather conditions. As these intelligent systems begin operating as soon as the main power supply goes off, you can continue cooking or watching television in comfort without the need to search for a portable generator in the dark.

As it will be a permanent feature on your property, you can relax while the generator supplies your entire home with all the energy you need until the mains supply is back in operation.

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