5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Service

Do you want to have a clean office?

Aside from abiding by the OSHA guidelines, a neat environment keeps your employees happy and productive. If you serve customers within your premises, it leaves a good impression. However, tidying up your space isn’t as simple.

To ensure every nook and cranny is spotless, consider hiring a janitorial service. Read on as we discuss the questions to ask your potential office cleaners:

  1. What are Your Cleaning Services?

A commercial cleaning company offers various janitorial services. Asking this question allows you to separate professionals from amateurs. The former often answers with a list of specific cleaning methods.

You know you picked the wrong company if they only answer with “whatever you need.”

Before asking the question, think about your business needs. If the service isn’t part of their list, ask whether they can compromise. Most professionals are willing to adjust to fit your requirements.

  1. What are Your Rates and Contract Requirements?

Most businesses charge you whenever they clean. The reputable ones require a contract before working with your company. It means you’ll pay for their services as long as it’s active.

Avoid future surprises by asking the company’s requirements upfront. Get a quote for your specific cleaning requirements. It helps determine whether their rates fit into your budget.

  1. Do You Have Insurance?

Over a million janitorial services operate in the United States. However, not every company has insurance. It’s why you must check before agreeing to work with any company.

An insurance policy covers the cleaning company in case accidents happen during their service. It puts your mind at ease, knowing you won’t pay if anything unfortunate happens. These companies cost more, but fixing potential damages will outweigh the extra fees.

  1. Do Your Employees Receive Training?

Your cleaning company’s employees are valuable assets to your business. It’s why they must be on top of their game. Before hiring a janitorial company, ask about their employee screening process.

These people’s backgrounds and trustworthiness will matter. After all, they’re working on your business premises. Your property and employees’ safety are at stake if you hire the wrong company.

Question their employee training process. Your business will need specific cleaning methods, especially if you serve food to customers. Ensure their professional cleaners can uphold your business standards.

  1. Who Will Provide the Cleaning Supplies?

The best janitorial service will use their cleaning supplies. However, it isn’t always the case. Knowing whether you’ll provide cleaning products allows you to adjust your budget.

If the cleaning service needs your supplies, your costs will increase. Discuss this topic before hiring them. Ask the products they will use to have a proper budget expectation.

Hire a Janitorial Service Now

These are some questions to ask your janitorial service. Don’t let the wrong company ruin your business premises. Use these to guide your hiring process.

However, learning the right questions to ask is only half the battle. Study the company’s reputation as well.

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