5 Major Warning Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

How often do you have your roof inspected?

We expose ourselves to illnesses and injuries when we don’t replace our roofs. We pay attention to the interior part of the house but ignore the roofs since they’re “out of the way.”

Regular roof repair is as important as any other repair or renovation work. There are obvious roofing problems that when ignored can cause extensive home damage.

So, are you wondering when you should have your roof replaced? If so, read the following five major warning signs that you need a roof replacement.

1. Old Roofing

The durability of your roof depends on the material of the roof. Metal, concrete tile, and asphalt shingles are some of the different types of roofing material. Strong wind, lightning storms, and thunder are the main roof damage causes.

You will notice your roofing is old when shingles start to tear. Heat and moisture are the key causes.

2. Exterior Damages

The exterior appearance of the property contributes to its property value, so don’t wait for your roof to get old to have it replaced.

Hire roof maintenance professionals after every couple of years.

You will be able to identify exterior damage when asphalt or wooden roof have curling shingles. For metal, rubber, and slate roofs, damage is visible when you identify cracks or missing parts on the roof.

During the roof inspection, examine the areas prone to damage. For example, assess the slopes, valleys, and gutters of your roofing.

3. Clogged Gutters

Gutters protect your home from rain and water damage. They help drain water to the right areas. They help in preventing moisture damage to your home. Have your gutters cleaned regularly.

During the cleaning, look out for shingle granules and roofing material pieces. If there are any, they indicate damage to the roof. Employ a roof replacement company if the roof is not perfect.

4. Visible Leaks

A leaking roof indicates significant roofing problems. As roofing material weakens, water seeps through the shingles and into the rest of the house. If there are heavy rains, it will result in flooding.

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5. Interior Water Damage

Visible drips aren’t the only sign of roof leaks. A leaking roof can show in the form of interior water damage. Streaks, stains, and water spots help identify interior water damage.

You can identify all these on the ceiling, walls, and attic of your home. If there is any sign of any of these, act fast to prevent dangerous mold and moss growth.

You Now Know the Signs of Roof Replacement

Don’t wait until your roof is completely damaged to call a roof replacement specialist. Have your roof often checked by experts and save money on your roof repair expenses.

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