5 Key Tips for Maintaining an Organized Living Room

There’s more to an organized living room than just clutter-free tables. Keep reading for 5 key tips for maintaining an organized living room.

The living room is the epicenter of the home for many families. As a result, it is a very difficult space to keep organized. An organized living room can be a great place for the family to gather and spend time together, but one that is messy and cluttered isn’t inviting for anyone and can result in dispersal to other rooms of the house.

Don’t let your living room tear your family apart. There are simple things you can do to keep your living room looking great and to keep your family together in it whenever you are home as a group.

Read on for some helpful tips for keeping your home’s living room clean, organized, and welcoming for every member of your family.

  1. Divide Your Space Into Zones

It will be a lot easier to organize and corral everything if everything has its own place. If you have children, there’s a good chance their toys are taking over the entire room. Don’t let them. Instead, keep their toys and their playing in one corner or at one end fo the room. The same thing goes for you and your crafting or other hobbies.

Most families like to watch TV together in their living rooms. Often, the television takes up more space than it should. To establish a television zone, consider mounting it on the wall, or call a company like Install My Antenna to do it for you.

  1. Incorporate Lots of Storage Solutions

One reason your living room may look cluttered is that there are no places to store the things you use there when you aren’t using them. Use storage baskets or bins with lids to put away magazines and books. Fold blankets and put them inside an ottoman or another lidded container. Install a catch-all bin for things that need to be put away elsewhere in your house.

  1. Make Clearing Surfaces Part of Your Routine

If you have a large family, or even if you don’t, the only way to stay ahead of clutter is to stay on top of it all the time. Make a quick, five-minute sweep a part of your routine twice a day. Pick up things that aren’t where they belong and redirect them into their proper homes.

  1. Use Out-of-Sight Spaces

There are lots of places you can hide things that you want out of your line of sight. If you pull your couch out from the wall by a foot or two, there is lots of storage space behind it. Also, when shopping for a new coffee table, find one that has storage built-in. This will allow you to put things away while keeping them close at hand.

  1. Minimalize Your Stuff 

The best way to declutter any part of your home is to get rid of some of your stuff. Take the time to think about whether or not you actually need all of the items you are keeping in your living room. If you really want an organized living room, this is the most effective method out there.

Can you donate some of them or relocate them to a different part of the house? You’ll be amazed by how much difference the removal of a few small things can make. Start now.

Now, Enjoy Your Organized Living Room

An organized living room will change your life. You will soon see that it results in far less stress and far more united family time. It’s worth making a few small changes for these great benefits.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your home organized, check out the rest of our site.