5 Incredible Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy has become one of the fastest-growing alternative energy sources in the world. Experts expect roughly 4,000,000 homes to have solar installations by 2023. With both environmental and economic benefits, going solar is more than just a trend.

If you intend to go solar, we’re here to help. Here are five of the best benefits of using solar power in your home.

1. Save The Environment

Arguably the most popular reason for installing solar panels is to help the environment. As global warming continues and the climate crisis becomes worse and worse, people are looking for any way they can to help.

Solar energy is clean and effectively infinite, especially in comparison to others. Fossil fuels give off a massive amount of greenhouse gases and are extremely detrimental to the environment. Solar energy, however, has no carbon footprint whatsoever.

2. Save Money

When some see the installation costs for solar panels, they worry that they can’t afford solar power. If nothing else, many find the costs to be a huge factor to avoid solar energy.

In the last few years, solar energy has become significantly cheaper to install. A reputable solar company like Ecotricity can help make your conversion easy, affordable, and enjoyable. Solar panels also pay for themselves in a short amount of time by lowering the cost of your power bills.

3. Increase Property Value

If you own a home and are looking to sell, consider installing solar panels. Doing such will increase the property value considerably.

This is because many people are willing to pay more for a home that already has solar panels since they won’t have to worry about installation. Additionally, environmentally-minded house shoppers will be happy to see that their house has a smaller carbon footprint.

4. Easy Maintenance

Solar panels aren’t as difficult to maintain as many may assume. In fact, all you’ll usually need to do is a light cleaning to remove dirt and debris from the surface. This will make sure that the panels can capture the full amount of sunlight hitting them.

5. Tax Incentives

Many governments are encouraging homeowners to go solar as well with nations trying to shift to renewable energy. Because of this, homeowners are usually able to take advantage of many tax incentives if their home has solar power.

The credit in question depends on the government of a nation, of course. For example, in the United States, adopters of solar power were eligible for a tax credit of up to 30%.

Going Solar

Going solar is an easy choice in today’s economically and environmentally challenging world. Whether you’re planning to go solar to increase the value of your home or reduce your carbon footprint, you’re doing the planet a service. Solar panels are simple to install and maintain and provide you with more than just the handful of benefits we’ve given here.

If you have more questions about solar power, feel free to contact us or browse our website for more information.