5 Home Color Trends That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re thinking about selling your home in the not-too-distant future, or you’re looking for some simple ways to increase its value for your own peace of mind, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. You might be surprised about how much the condition and color of a home’s paint can influence a person’s opinion on it.

The fact is, the paint is the foundation of a home and sets the tone for everything else in it. Following home color trends is one way to keep your rooms up to date. If your paint is peeling and in an unattractive color, this can instantly turn buyers off, or at the very least make them think much less of your home.

Showcase your home in all of its glory by keeping it kitted out in the latest home design trends, and you’ll ensure it remains as valuable as can be.

  1. Bright and White

It’s often suggested by realtors that the best color palette to stick to when showing a home is something as neutral as possible. Couple this with the fact that white evokes feelings of serenity, cleanliness, and newness, and it’s easy to see why white is a great color choice.

White is also a classic color that’s always on-trend. If you want to do a variation of this trend, try something in an off-white or eggshell.

  1. Dark and Moody

In complete contrast to bright whites, another big trend this season is embracing darker tones. Crimson, plum, and deep navy blue are all good options. One of the good things about these types of colors is that they show dirt or stains less easily than a color like white, so they stay looking fresher for longer.

  1. Cottagecore

The Cottagecore trend has spilled over from last year and it’s still going strong. Using this trend as inspiration will make your house conjure up images of a beautiful cottage or rustic farmhouse. Good colors to use if you’re going this route are pinks, peaches, sage green, and baby blue.

  1. Go Natural

Another one of the big home design trends this year is embracing natural colors and materials. You can apply this to your home by taking some of the natural colors surrounding you and bringing them inside.

If you live near the beach, try beige, blue and white. If you’re forest-adjacent, try brown, emerald green, and taupe. This is a design decision that is sure to turn heads and add more value to your home.

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Exterior Paint

Curb appeal matters a lot when it comes to valuing your home. For this reason, it’s important not to forget about your exterior home decor.

One exterior paint trend that’s big of late is adding a pop of color. A professional painting company like Salgado Painting will be able to advise you about what colors may work best on your home’s exterior.

Home Color Trends to Make the Most of Your Property

Follow these home color trends, and you’re sure to attract all the right kinds of attention. Just remember, trends can change as quickly as the real estate market, so be sure to keep on top of both. If you’ve found this guide useful, check out the rest of our content.