5 Finishing Touches for Your Finished Attic

A finished attic is a great way to create more space in your home, as well as increase your home’s value. Take your space to the next level with these tips.

When your home has an unfinished attic space, it’s full of potential. Harnessing the possibilities can be a big job, though.

To restore the very top of the house means you can increase your space and turn it into a usable and charming area. Before you start on your finished attic, check out these 5 finishing touches to help you get the most out of the project.

  1. Plan to Capture the Charm

When you’re finishing an attic, make sure you do the planning stage well. The charm of a cozy nook at the top of the house is alluring, and if you get it right, you’ll love the result.

Will your attic be an office? A bedroom? You could even add a bathroom in the attic. 

With natural light and the unique architectural features, you can take advantage of the charm to make your new room snug and comfortable.

  1. Maximize the Appeal of a Sloped Roof in Your Finished Attic

While a slanted ceiling can wreak havoc with your feng shui, if you use it to your advantage, your attic will avoid the annoying in favor of appealing. Arrange furniture under the peak to help minimize hitting your head on the low ceiling.

You can also consider finishing the sloped ceiling. Searching, “how to finish an attic” won’t always come up with this suggestion, but adding moldings or shiplap gives the ceiling a more sophisticated look. It makes the attic seem a planned part of the home’s design, rather than an afterthought.

  1. Give It Plenty of Light

During your attic remodel, take note of the amount of light coming in. Often the only windows are at the ends of the room. If you want to take advantage of the direction the house faces and the opportunities for sunshine, you could add some skylights on the slanted ceiling.

Another way to capture the natural light is to enlarge the windows. Make them floor-to-ceiling instead of traditional sizes, and increase the light coming in.

If adding windows isn’t an option, try painting the room white. You can also add mirrors, which help a room seem bigger and lighter. Check to make sure the trees by the windows are trimmed back to allow the most light in.

  1. Loft or Attic?

Whatever you call your remodeled attic may give you a clue about how you plan to use it. If you’re thinking of a loft-style attic space, choose details that reflect that purpose. Youngman loft ladders is a good place to start with a great selection of safe, affordable attic access choices.

Often a loft doesn’t cover the whole floor like an attic does, and another option is to make one side of a loft open.

  1. Add to the Space

If you’re concerned that the attic renovation won’t be enough, you can add square footage with a bump-out. This change can also make the slope of the roof less steep, and therefore give you more design options.

For the most usable space, adding dormers or bump-outs is the best way to go.

A Whole New World

Your finished attic will be your favorite room in the house if you think about these 5 things during your remodel. From the planning stage to the finished product, you can use all the charming features to your advantage.

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