3 Garage Floor Finishes That Will Transform Your Space

Are you looking at your garage and thinking the space could use something to spruce it up? The best way to add something to the space is to look into garage floor finishes.

It’s a good thing you’ve clicked on our link because we’re going to share with you some of the best ways to finish a garage floor. Read on now and choose the best finish for your floor.

  1. Concrete Sealer

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind your garage floor’s concrete appearance, choosing a concrete sealant might be the way to go. This is an option if your flooring looks worn out and you need to improve the overall look of the entire area.

This is one of the most affordable ways to change your floorings, and you can count on longevity because the sealant will adhere to the concrete versus remaining on the concrete’s surface. If you want a sealer that won’t release chemicals into the air, you’ll want to look into a water-based sealant.

But, if you’re looking for a sealant that will last the longest, your best option is going to be the solvent-based sealant.

  1. Tile

If you’re looking for a material that feels more stable when you’re standing on it, tile is another flooring finish that you can choose. There are several tile options that you can select, including a rigid tile made of plastic.

The benefit of this type of flooring is that it’s strong, meaning that it can withstand massive amounts of weight that you place on top of it. Another benefit is if you spill anything on the tile, it’s easy to wipe the surface no matter what falls on it.

This includes chemicals and oil that are commonly used in garages.

  1. Carpet

There are several flooring services that you can have performed in your garage, including the laying of carpet tile. Putting carpet down will work the same way that laying tile does.

When choosing tile, look for options that have adhesive backings to ensure that they don’t slip and slide when you’re working. If you find a significant amount of moisture inside your garage, carpet can help improve the airflow to reduce moisture.

What Options Aren’t the Best?

Now that you’ve got an idea of the flooring options you should choose from, here are some that might not be the best for your garage. The first that you might want to avoid is ceramic tile.

The reason to avoid it is this tile isn’t going to be as durable as plastic tiles will be. Another option that you should pass on is using hardwood.

While it provides a great appearance, it can be easily damaged if something too heavy is on it, and if you spill a chemical on the surface of the wood, it can eat through it.

Garage Floor Finishes: Your Best Options

There are several garage floor finishes for you to choose from. If you want to improve the air floor and have a warmer feel inside the garage, go with carpet tiles, but you can apply a sealant over the top if you are satisfied with your concrete.

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