10 Problematic Signs It’s Time to Get Septic System Service

Does your home smell of septic gasses? Did you notice that your drains and toilets work slower than usual? These are some signs that your septic system is failing.

It can take a while for you to notice the problems with your septic system. However, once you do, the signs are often quite obvious. The problem lies when you have no idea what to look out for.

Below, we listed all the signs necessary to call septic system services. Read on and learn the symptoms of a failing septic system:

  1. Get Septic System Service When You See Standing Water

None of the used water enters the septic tank once it’s full. The extra water instead goes to various areas in your yard. Since most yards are flat, the water has no other direction to go but to pool in the immediate area.

You’ll often find standing water in spaces near your septic tanks and/or drain fields. Standing water attracts pests like mosquitoes. Some mosquitoes are carriers of malaria, which is a dangerous and fatal disease.

  1. You Observe Slow Draining

If you have an issue with your septic system, it usually drains used water slowly. Often, many will take this as a sign of a clog in their pipes. It’s understandable since it’s another common problem.

However, if you notice that the slow draining occurs in almost all your sinks, that’s likely not the issue. It’s likely your septic system. It’s full and needs a professional septic system service.

  1. Your Sewage Starts Backing Up

Does the water back up when you use the sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub? Again, the problem isn’t that something has gotten stuck in your pipes. It’s most likely a full septic system.

To find out how often you need to pump your septic system, read this guide.

  1. You Smell Odorous Gasses

Your home’s smell can make a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. However, bad smells can ruin this relaxing and comfortable ambiance. If you start noticing a funky smell, it’s likely a septic system issue.

Be wary of categorizing these smells as septic issues all the time. Drain drying can also cause sewer gas to enter your home. Smells from a drain drying won’t stay or last too long.

  1. You Hear the Pipes Gurgling After Flushing

It pays to listen to your house to learn about its needs. A haunting sound or gurgling in the pipes can be a sign of various pipe-related or septic issues. It may mean a blockage in your drain, P-trap, vent system, or sewer line.

Here’s a tip to determine whether it’s a septic tank issue. Flush the toilet upstairs while someone observes the basement drains. If sewage or used water overflows in the basement drains, the problem is in your septic system.

  1. Fixing a “Clogged” Pipe Isn’t Solving the Problem

Let’s say you thought the problem was a blocked pipe. It’s common enough that it’s often the first assumption. You look for possible clogged pipes but you find none.

If this happened to you, consider other possible causes of gurgling or slow draining. The next most possible issue is that a septic system problem. Look for other signs included in this list to verify the problem.

  1. You Have Trouble Flushing the Toilet

Sometimes, it’s not only gurgling pipes or a sewage backup, but you may also experience difficulty flushing your toilet. No matter how many times you try, you may see the same result. Your toilet isn’t flushing right or is taking too long to flush.

It’s another sign that your septic system has a problem. As we mentioned, the best solution for this is to pump your septic tank. Calling a licensed expert to help is wise because they can handle the waste processing better.

  1. Water Is Pooling in Your Yard

If you already saw one or more of the signs we mentioned, check for pooling water. Go outside and check your yard, especially the areas that dip where water collects.

After that go to your septic tank or drain field. Look for pools of water to confirm your suspicions. You may also see algae growth.

If you see these, it means your water usage is overwhelming your septic tank system. Call for septic system professional services right away. They can help solve the problem and keep your yard from holding standing water.

  1. The Grass Outside Grows Faster Than Usual

Is your yard covered with natural grass instead of concrete or granite? If so, you may have a harder time noticing small pools of water forming on it. However, you will notice the faster growth of the grass in those areas.

Many people in the United States value their lawns and practice good lawn care. If you notice that some parts of your lawn grow faster than the rest, it’s not only you. One likely culprit is an out-of-order septic system.

  1. The Grass Over Your Septic Bed Is Greener than the Rest

Other than having parts of your lawn that grow faster, you may also notice that the grass is greener. Some wastewater your home produces is great fertilizers, especially toilet water. Others contain chemicals like dishwater soap, cleaners, and shampoo.

Include Professionals in Your Septic Maintenance Plan

The next time you notice these signs in your bathroom, sinks, or yard, you’ll now know what it means. Don’t forget to act fast once you confirm a septic system issue. Fixing this issue with a septic system service is the best way to avoid bigger problems down the road.

Why end your home improvement efforts here?

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