Wall Art

Getting a compliment can not only brighten your day but also boost your confidence. Weather someone likes your outfit, hair, or home décor you we all have a silent celebration on the inside because someone noticed your fabulous style. How about getting a few more confidence boosters? When someone walks into your house they are sure to be ‘Wowed’ by these unique and gorgeous types of wall art.

These wood maps are made by the nicest couple in Michigan who now have a booming business making bathymetric maps all around the United States. Many of them come in a small (16×20) or large (24×30) size so they fit nicely in any space. If you happen to love them as much as we do, you can collage of them on any blank wall to make a splash, get it?! Of course our favorite is the SF Bay, but we love the Great Lakes as well, because of all that gorgeous detail!


And now the coolest thing since sliced bread, the wire crystals. These beauties come in a set of 3 different sizes but you can connect them however you would like with however many you would like. They can be a simple statement or make a focal point in any room. Since they are so simple they compliment any furniture or other wall décor in the room.

Wire Crystals

Tell us what you think about these wire crystals. What room would these look best in at your house?

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