Featured Artist

This month we have talked a lot about the beautiful Sonoma Concrete Furniture we carry. We’re obsessed with the unique beauty of each piece and are constantly amazed by the leaf imprints that are in so many of these concrete pieces. We wanted to learn more about the process and were lucky enough to speak with the artist herself. Pamela from Sonomoa Concrete Furniture is our featured artist this month and we couldn’t be more excited. We found out she is a plant fanatic and actually picks the leaves for the imprints from her own garden!

Concrete Tree Table

How long have you been making concrete furniture?
I started experimenting with plasters and concrete after I got out of graduate school in art. I took a class at the Pasadena City College on concrete, which I flunked. I found it too technical and wanted nothing to do with it, but I kept on playing with it artistically. I’ve been playing with concrete since 1984 and started our company almost ten years later in 1995. The focus on tables came from working in the catering business and always finding the tables that we had to display our foods on disappointing.

How did you get started?
After I got a hang of concrete, we started playing with the wood on our property in Sonoma county. Brad took the wood a little farther and we placed my concrete top on a wood base he had made, and I saw a table I would have liked to put my food on. The light bulb ignited!  In the beginning I always asked myself “would I want to live with this table?” When catering I saw the importance of the table in many people’s lives. The table represents gathering, and it is the focal point of much human interaction. I wondered why then so many tables had so little presence.

What is your process?
Without revealing many trade secrets, I design, cast, finish and seal tables. I pick the leaves from my garden and decide how to cast with them. I use a product that reduces the amount of concrete required by around 30%, makes the table stronger, and certifies my tables as green. The tables are triple sealed, oiled, and waxed to protect the table from stains.

What is your favorite part of the process?
I’m a plant fanatic. I love growing any kind of plants, and enjoy working with them in my business. I develop a relationship with the plants and leaves while I fossilize their leaves. I never cease to marvel at how unique each leaf and table are, and I continue to be inspired.

How did you come up with the idea to imprint leaves into the concrete furniture?
I grew up in gardens. My mother had a magnificent  garden. In high school, Anya Fisher, my art teacher  for  4 years, taught me how to see nature, and the artistic depths of biology. In 1984, I was trying to make a fruit tree planter and I put pears in the mold where I was casting the concrete. I played with all kinds of natural elements like woodchips and hay, ricehulls, seeds and found out what and worked what didn’t. I found flatter materials worked better, and leaves are probably the flattest thing in nature there is. Leaves tell stories and they are very entertaining.

What inspires you and your work?
Being curious. My tables are all experiments. How will the table end up? I never really know.

Outdoor Makeover

There are so many ways to update your outdoor space, sometime all you need to know is where to start. We’ve rounded up loads of easy and fun ways to give your outdoors a makeover, but we had a few factors to keep in mind while coming up with this list. Any outdoor project has to be fairly easy so it doesn’t take too much time away from fun in the sun. The other important element is that your new space has to look effortless amazing, so much so that when you’re guests come over they want all the details on your fabulous new outdoor look and you can coyly say ‘it was nothing’.

DIY Outdoor Makeover

This outdoor DIY chandelier is gorgeous! Simple, elegant, rustic, we could go on and on about it. Everyone will wonder where you found this gorgeous fixture, but rather than dropping a store name you can simply say ‘oh I just made it myself’, who wouldn’t be impressed by that. I have a strong feeling this is going to end up on my back porch this weekend!

Glass Wall Pocket

Creating a living wall can add color and life (literally) to any wall. The best part about these Glass Wall Pockets is that they can be used indoors or outdoors because they are so easy to hang. They are held up by a simple screw on the back of the pocket. Try planting different flowers, succulents, and greenery to really create something unique.

Outdoor Makeover DIYDo you have some outdoor furniture you’re tired of but really don’t want to buy something new? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you at a very small cost. The best way to fix up your old furniture is by spray painting it! You can pick from loads of colors, it’s easy to do, and will dry fast. You can even paint a spray paint a pattern for something a little extra special, like the stripped pattern above.
Tip: spray paint a small section at a time and watch for dripping to get even coverage.

Great idea for a beverage station at your next event or party.

Another great example of how spray painting furniture can make a HUGE difference!

An easy tutorial on DIY outdoor pillows..can’t beat that.

Email us pictures and stories of your latest outdoor DIY project at kristina@bae-home.com and your handiwork could show up on our next blog!


The great outdoors

Whether you live in a city neighborhood or have acres of land to enjoy, making your outdoor space beautiful and functional is the key to enjoying time outside. Sonoma Concrete Furniture is a perfect element to spark your outdoor living plans. From statement tables to accent stools, Sonoma Concrete Furniture is durable, customizable, and versatile.

The Great Outdoors

The clean lines and natural elements in this furniture, like cypress paired with concrete in the Concrete Block Coffee Table, creates a simple rustic look. The leaf imprint in the Concrete Pliny Stools is customizable so you can pick the leaf and color of the concrete to match your design style. And when Mother Nature is giving you the cold shoulder, these pieces work equally as well indoors.

Take a look at how these spaces use small and large amounts of concrete to create a truly unique space. The clean lines and rustic feel of the Sonoma Concrete Furniture, along with those colorful pillows and throws, would complement these spaces nicely.

The Great Outdoors_Concrete FurnitureThe Great Outdoors_Concrete FurnitureThe Great Outdoors_Concrete Furniture Pretty amazing outdoor spaces, right?! Here’s a tip: Play on the textures and senses by planting fragrant herbs like rosemary and lavender nearby.